Thursday, March 21, 2013


This week Food52 is having their "Your Best Fennel Contest" and so far I've entered two new recipes (as well as a few older ones). 
Pictured first is A Gratin of Fennel, Orzo, Tomato..... You can find it here: 

The second one is Lemon Cured Halibut over Shaved Fennel Salad.  See it here:

Both were really good...maybe one more fennel recipe this week? Maybe....


  1. That fennel gratin looks great, Pat. I'm still trying to come up with a fennel recipe I can enter. I'm thinking something with fennel chips, but not sure of the best way to get them crispy -roasting or frying. I'll have to experiment this weekend.

  2. Hi Lori! fennel chips sound extremely interesting...I think frying might work better than roasting..whenever I've roasted fennel it really softens up, but depending on your technique it might work. i look forward to seeing your entry or entries! I've got one more idea that I'm mulling over...we'll see

    1. Thanks for the info, Pat. I've decided to try out a savory caramelized fennel tart instead. I don't make a lot of tarts, but I figured - why not?

    2. You know, since joining Food52, I've found that I'm challenging myself a lot because of the contests. For example, everyone knew that I didn't bake...but look at me now...I bake much more because of the challenge (and getting a little better at it!) Can't wait to see your tart!

    3. Pat, I totally agree! For me, it's not really about winning the contest (although, of course that would be nice), but I've found the best part is challenging myself to CREATE new recipes instead of following others. I love the challenge! That tea one was HARD for me, and this fennel one is pretty tough, too! But I love it!