Friday, December 20, 2013

A Christmas Gift from Louisiana!

The doorbell rang the other day...I answered and a FedEx driver was standing there with a huge package.  She was smiling from ear to ear and when I told her it must be something I ordered for Christmas she pointed to the return address on the box and said "This looks like food...let me help you get it in the house"  I looked down and saw that the package was from Tony's Seafood in Baton Rouge and knew immediately that my brother had sent this. He works for Tony's which is a huge retail/wholesale seafood operation in the South.
We got the package in the house and Tom, Matt and I began to make our way through it.  Inside we found pork boudin, crawfish boudin, pickled quail eggs, a crawfish pie,  Louisiana Fish Fry spices and crab boils and last but not least...a 14 pound turducken! A turducken is a boned turkey stuffed with a duck and then stuffed with a chicken . Everything was frozen but in perfect condition!
We took everything to the freezer and decided that the turducken will probably be saved for Dad and Margie's upcoming birthday, but if nothing else, we'll all sample the crawfish pie on Christmas Day.

Thanks so much Tom!!



  1. Wow!!! Do you think I could adopt Tommy as MY brother?? What a wonderful gift!!