Thursday, September 23, 2010


A number of years ago I gave my neighbor, Ivana, a few zucchini from our garden.  She brought me a loaf of zucchini bread a few days later along with her family's recipe for it.  Everyone loves this one and I think it's because it doesn't have cinnamon in it.  We've named it "banana bread" for Alyssa since she's not into many veggies yet, although I think you could add bananas to this and it would be great.. In the late fall, when the zucchini is gone, I use green tomatoes in their place(trust me it works --just chop them in the mini processor).  We like ours cold with butter.  The kids like it warmed up a bit first.

Beat  3 eggs until foamy
            add 1 cup vegetable oil
            2 cups sugar
             mix well

Add 1 cup flour
          1 tsp baking soda
          1 tsp salt
           2 cups grated zucchini
           mix well

Add 2 cups flour
          1 Tbl vanilla
           1/2 cup chopped nuts(optional)toasted in the oven for a few minutes

Grease and lightly flour 2  9x5 loaf pans
Bake at 350F for 50 - 60 minutes



  1. Alyssa loves grandma's "banana bread"!! I am waiting for the day that she says "how come there are green things in here and bananas are yellow?" I better start thinking of my response......

  2. Answer....because Grandma uses green bananas.

  3. Your pictures are looking very professional!!